Republic of Capricornia

Department of Information

The Republic of Capricornia is a sovereign and democratic state, independent since August 1st, 2006. It is located north and east of the Dershowo Musograd and the Balangrad Capital Territory. The Republic of Capricornia is abbreviated as RC, to avoid confusion with the Republic of China, a nation which is explicitely recognized by the RC under the name "Republic of Taiwan".

The Republic of Capricornia has now completed its Territorial Consolidation, but maintains the long-term goal of Territorial Resettlement and Unification with a future Republic of Australia. A mid-term goal is Territorial Acquisition and Improvement. To approach this goal, the Department of Agriculture has started a plantation of frost-resistant Eucalyptus trees, to be replanted on territories to be acquired in the near future.

The conflict with the former Federation of Musograd has been resolved by peaceful means. Following reciprocal recognition and armistice, a Joint Civil Administration for Balangrad City has been set up, and plans for a Joint Southern Cross Expedition to NT / WA / HRP have been executed. Also, following the 2008-03-01 introduction of the Capricornian Florin as a fully Euro-backed currency, the Republic of Capricornia and the former Federation of Musograd have introduced a common currency, the Common Wallaroo, 2008-08-01, backed by the currency reserves of both states at equal parts.
1 Common Wallaroo is set to equal 1 Euro, which is obvious to any Biologist.

On 2009-10-03, the Republic of Capricornia has joined the newly formed Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands (FM). The members of the Federation remain sovereign countries with their own legal systems, government, citizenship and defense, but cede some rights to the Federation, supporting a common foreign policy through the office of High Commissionner of the Federation, and a common market and currency. Any conflicts between the member states will be resolved peacefully, and good relations maintained.

Balangrad City has been reinstated as Capital Territory of the Federation. The western Gordon River border has been recognized by the RC, as well as the Gordon-Sprij-Line, denoting the border between the Goralni District of the RC which has been added to the RC on 2009-10-03, and the Goralni Oblast of the Dershowo Musograd.

The Musogradian organisation formerly known as the Settlement Agency, now renamed youraustralia, is explicitely acknowledged and supported, as well as the yourstamps corporation, which is the current stamp manufacturer of Capricornia Post. Both organisations have proved to be impartial and independent from the FM government.

This website is maintained by the DoI of the RC. Some pages are maintained by other departments, like Capricornia Post or the State Department. You can reach us at (replace # with @) by email. Responsible author and contact for this website is:
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